Hello! Hola! Marhaba!

My friends call me KJ or Carlitos. After a few years in each of Kuwait, California, Amman, Muscat and Virginia I returned back to Dubai in 2008 – finally as an over 21 adult – and I Dubai’s favorite sport; Brunch. I love to travel & have visited over 30 countries and more than 60 cities (my ambition is to visit 100 countries before the final whistle). Interestingly compared to all the cities I’ve visited,the unlimited weekend brunch concept does not appear to have the prominence that it has in Dubai.

In an increasingly expensive city, the appeal amongst expats to pay a fixed price and enjoy unlimited consumption of food & beverages is limitless. As a lover of good food, good wine(beer, tequila etc.) and the company of good friends I began dragging friends to a new brunch on a weekly basis.  I experienced major frustration in finding quality brunch recommendations/reviews so  I decided to share my friday hobby with the public in the hope that it may help  you choose the best option for your next brunch occasion.

Happy Brunching!

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