The Warehouse Lounge

Location: Le Meridien Dubai
Pricing: AED 229 all-inclusive, AED 299 premium drinks
Timings: 1pm-4pm

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”
~Mark Twain

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This brunch brings back a ton of boozy memories for me as I have celebrated more birthdays than I care to remember. In fact, on my last trip to the Warehouse we celebrated a triple birthday with a table of over 50 thirsty party animals. Believe it or not I was actually ordering rounds of 50 tequila shots at a time.

The appeal of this brunch is threefold: 1) the pricing which is rare to find for a brunch at a 5 star hotel venue 2) multiple seating options which includes a pleasant garden seating for the cooler days, a naturally lit indoor area for the hotter months, and an upstairs seating beside a large dance floor 3) access to over 70 brands of beer including an enviable selection of Belgian beers.

As an avid beer lover I always select the premium package and it has become my personal custom to always begin with a Duvel. For those of you who do not know, the Duvel is a strong golden ale at 8.5% alcohol by volume (ABV)- your typical beer averages 4.5%-5% ABV. Belgium boasts over 180 different breweries and is notorious for their Trappist and Abbey beers. Historically these beers were brewed by monks at Trappist monasteries , however; today they extend to commercially produced beers. Be warned, these beers can be lethal and can cause temporary amnesia. I tend to go through the different Belgian beers one after the other until the clock strikes 4. Wine and house spirits are also included in this outstanding drinks menu.

The menu is split into a cold buffet (indoors), a hot buffest (outdoors), and a desserts buffet (indoors). The cold buffest consists on salads, sandwiches made in a variety of bread options, cheeses, and cold cuts. The hot buffet includes grilled items (beef, lamb, chicken, sausage and fish), chicken shawerma, potato wedges, rice, corn, steamed vegetables, and pasta. Except for the desserts, the food is an overwhelming let down. The salads are bland, the sandwiches are uninspiring, and the grilled items are intolerably dry. Many of my brunch mates are kind enough to describe the food as average. I am afraid that it is well below average.

After 4pm we grab our remaining drinks and head upstairs where the DJ is pumping electronic and commercial music to a super drunken crowd. Except that one time where a group of friends thought it would be funny to spike my beer with a few shots of tequila. By a few I mean 11 shots. All I can remember is waking up at 8pm on one of the garden benches with no wallets and no apartment keys.

Despite the lack of quality in food I would still encourage the beer lovers out there to attend as no other place in the city will give you unlimited access to 70+ beers for 3 hours long.

Ambiance: 15/20.
Beverages: 20/20.
Food: 5/20.
Service: 15/20
Value for Money: 10/20.
Total: 65%

Warehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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