Long’s Bar Pub Brunch

Location: Towers Rotana
AED 165*: – unlimited soft beverages
– 1 alcoholic beverage (selected brands only)
AED 185*: – unlimited house wine
– unlimited of bottled beer (3 brands only)
– unlimited draught beer (2 brands only)
– unlimited selected spirits
AED 245*: – unlimited house wine
– unlimited of bottled beer (4 brands only)
– unlimited draught beer
– unlimited selected spirits
Timing: 12-4pm

“Good people drink good beer.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

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The Pub’s brunch USP (Unique Selling Proposition for all you non-business majors) is their pricing strategy. It offers a super economical brunch if you opt for the AED 185 package, assuming you are happy to drink Heineken or Amstel for draught beer. Over the years I have been exposed to hundreds of brands of beer from all across the globe, and I have come to an important conclusion; Heineken is absolute rubbish. I would only drink it if I had no other choice and I end up feeling bloated and unsatisfied. In fact whenever I am at a bar and I see a fellow drinker ordering a Heineken (or Amstel/Foster/Budweiser) I cringe with anger. I strongly urge all you beer drinkers out there to expand your palates and discover the many quality beers out there.

In one particularly busy celebratory month, my dear friend Pacho Escobar wanted to throw a birthday brunch without further burdening our friend’s depleted wallets. After some thorough research he stumbled across Long’s bar and booked us in.

Twenty four of us arrive to the bar which is situated below the ground floor of the hotel, meaning a complete absence of natural light which is always a negative. As the name says it is one long a*@ bar and our big table is positioned at the end, strategically beside the DJ booth. Given my strong beer morals I opt for the AED 245 package and begin with a Guinness. I then proceed to tour the International Buffet on offer. I am never a fan of International buffets, but I’ll save that rant for another review. I count over 15 cold dishes and an equivalent number of hot dishes. My favorite cold dishes are the shrimp & avocado salad, mozzarella, and bresaola with Rocca. For the hot dishes I enjoy the dim sum, chicken tandoor and the hamour.

The bar is mostly empty so we are all relieved when the DJ arrives to his booth. Perhaps that is why he is extremely cooperative and accepts all of our song requests (I can go on an infinite rant about obnoxious DJs that refuse requests). Long’s bar is transformed into Fiesta bar with salsa, bachata, reggeaton, and cumbia blasting from the speakers. Our signature dance train goes for a fun ride around the long bar with many of the tipsy bystanders joining in on the fun.

For large groups on a tight budget, Long’s bar might just be your best bet.

Ambiance: 10/20.
Beverages: 14/20.
Food: 12/20.
Service: 18/20
Value for Money: 18/20.
Total: 72%

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Long's Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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