With over 700 hotels in Dubai offering brunches priced anywhere as low as AED 150, or up to AED 2,900 (Pierchic @ Al Qasr) choosing the right brunch is a frustratingly difficult task; especially with the large number of mediocre offerings in the market. The purpose of this site is to arm you with firsthand reviews of as many of the cities brunch experiences that I can fit into my stomach; doing my upmost to avoid boring you to sleep in the process.

I also plan to review a few picks which I speculate may become either a major hit/miss in the cities dynamic culinary scene. Basically I wish to share whatever gems I discover & warn you from visiting potential nightmares.


The rating is calculated as a percentage  based on the sum of  5 criteria as follows:

Ambiance: X/20.
Defined as the character and atmosphere of the place- Is it fun?
Beverages: X/20.
Rating the variety and quality of beverages on offer
Food: X/20.
Rating the quality of ingredients, flavor, and execution of the dishes
Service: X/20
Do the staff go the extra mile?
Value for Money: X/20.
Cost to benefit ratio


If the review score is 70% or above, it is considered a Hit.
If the review score is below 70%, then it is considered a Miss.




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