Asian Invasion Night Brunch 

Location: Taj Hotel (Business Bay)
Pricing:AED 248(House Beverages)
Timings: 8-11pm (Wednesdays)

“If you don’t know what to do with your life, ask for the cocktail menu”-Anonymous



I have noticed that the latest craze in the Dubai F&B sector is launching restaurants with the word “Miss” in their name (Miss Tess, Miss Wang, Miss Lily’s; Mr. Miyagi’s did not receive the same memo apparently!). So what exactly is Miss Tess about?


Miss Tess is an Asian street food concept, with a huge emphasis placed on customer experience. They elevate the dining experience by performing a multitude of acts throughout the night (dancing, singing, martial arts, costumes). They also concentrated on creating a venue that is as “Instagrammable” as possible.

The food is divided between a cold dish buffet station, and hot dishes served directly to the table.

The buffet included:

  • Prawn salad
  • Papaya salad
  • Selection of sushi (maki and nigiri)

The salads were ok, but the sushi was really disappointing. In Japan, it can take upward of 10 years of training to become a sushi chef. Sadly the rest of the world does not take it as seriously, and most of the “Sushi” served here would be returned to the kitchen in Japan.

Hot dishes are split into starters and mains. For starters we had:

  • Shrimp tempura
  • Fried calamari
  • Chicken gyoza
  • Vegetable Spring roll

Everything served was delicious. Our favorite was the gyoza, which we ordered for seconds and even thirds.

For mains we had:

  • BBQ beef
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Beef Char Kuay Teow (noodles)
  • Pad Thai (noodles)

The BBQ was good but the noodle dishes were absolutely superb. Perhaps a contender for the best noodles in town (?)


When we requested drinks from our waiters, we were told that we had to order ourselves from a small bar stand (not the main bar). The stand only had two bar tenders, so people did end up queuing. Beverages include:

  • Beer (bottled Asahi)
  • Wine: Red, White, Rose. I only tried the white and was not impressed.
  • Spirits: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey (Why no Asian Spirits?)
  • Cocktails: 5 cocktail options (2 gin based, 1 tequila based, 1 vodka based, 1 aperol based). I tried the gin cocktails, but could not finish them because they were so bad.

Given that Miss Tess is a self-proclaimed Street food restaurant, they would be wise to get rid of the sushi (Sushi is definitely not a street food) and focus instead on their strengths (hot starters & noodles). They also need to drastically improve their cocktails. That aside, we thoroughly enjoy or Wednesday evening, and are kept amused by all the Asian themed entertainment (think sumo wrestlers, ninjas, Chinese dragons, gangnam style).

This is currently the only Wednesday night brunch that I am aware of, but I do hope the trend continues with more restaurants offering weekday brunch deals.


Ambiance: 18/20.
Beverages: 10/20.
Food: 15/20.
Service: 16//20
Value for Money: 16/20.
Total: 75%

Miss Tess - Taj Dubai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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